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Money Transfer Online

To ensure Iftin online can offer safe, secure and efficient services, we require documents that prove your identity. These are also required to meet regulations and government requirements of all the countries in which Iftin online operates.


Iftin online confirms your identity by ensuring the name on your Iftin online matches the name on your identity documents and bank account. Key identification documents include a current passport, government issued ID card or a valid driver's license.


Our Customer Support center in Australia may contact you if they require further identification proof or details of your transaction.


You need to provide identification documents before you send money, however, you only need to do it once at the beginning to validate your account and when you need to renew your ID, you don’t need to do it each time.


To send money tap on the 'send money' icon on the home screen.


Then, select how much money you want to send and the purpose of the money.


After that, select the beneficiary you want to send money to from your contacts list, or add in a new contact if they are not there, which will mean entering in their details.


Then, select the country you are sending money to from the list. You can also enter a secret password which the beneficiary needs to know to get the money.  


Finally, in some cases you can choose whether to pay the money in US dollars, or in the local currency.The choices available for sending money will depend on which country you are sending to, and you can see these options in the app or on the website. 


Current countries you can send money to include Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Ethiopia Uganda, and Eritrea. You can also send money to mobile wallets in Africa.


Start sending money online by clicking here and then choose "Sign Up".